A Secret Garden – Camellia In Jeju

Jeju Island is the most popular island in South Korea, for Koreans and also for the tourists. The island isn’t full of natural wonders but a nice little island with a small subtle charms here and there. In spring time the island is filled with cherry blossoms and other colorful flowers, but that doesn’t mean it’s all colorless in the island during the time of winter.

Winter time is when camellia flowers come alive in Jeju, and while there are many different places you can see them in the island, WimiRi has emerged as a hot spot for some camellia viewing in the recent years. There are two places in Wimiri you can see them and they’re both private gardens. One is on the main road and while it gets a lot of visitors due to its location, the real star of the show is another garden little bit off the main road. An elderly couple owns the place and they say it was a hobby by the husband for many years, bringing in those trees and taking care of them. In recent years people started to notice its beauty and it was soon filled with tourists everyday. They had to turn it into business and start getting some entrance fees.

I’ve visited it on the last day of 2016, and here are some of the shots I’ve taken there.










I’m always skeptical when it comes to a place that is popular among tourists. Sometimes the place is nothing compared to what people have been describing it to be. This place, however, impressed me so much, even with tourists pouring in every minute. Gardening was really well done, and it gave it such a Alice In Wonderland type of feeling. It’s pretty big a space for a private garden too. You can easily spend an hour or so looking around and taking some nice photographs.

I’ve only taken few shots with my girlfriend who went with me, but this is also an ideal spot for a model shoot if you plan on doing one while in the island. I’d recommend going as early as possible though. During day time it will be full of people. But all in all, it’s one of the newest spot I’ve discovered in Jeju that I really like and I’ve been there many many times, being a Korean. I plan to go again next winter. Hopefully it’s not become more popular than it already is though!


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