Women Of The World


March 8th is the international women’s day aka IWD, and to celebrate the occasion, I’ve selected some of the photographs I’ve taken of women around the world. Here it goes.


(Avila, Spain. 2010)

I saw a nun slowly walks by and then I noticed those yellow walls with two doors. I knew it was going to be a special moment. I have no religion but I’m always drawn to catholic church and its customs. I’m really fascinated by the nuns and how they go about their daily lives.

L1000557 2
(Sighisoara, Romania. 2015)

A woman serving wine in a fairy tale like village of Sighisoara. Romania is more colorful and interesting than I thought it would be.

(Bago, Myanmar. 2015)

Women making traditional cigarette. I’ve never smoked in my life so I didn’t try, but it was an interesting sight to see.

(Omo Valley, Ethiopia. 2015)

One of the uniquely dressed women I’ve met in Omo Valley. The tribes here are known to make wild fashion statements and I wasn’t disappointed.

(Moscow, Russia. 2016)

I don’t often shoot models but I did once when I was in Moscow. Julia was from Ukraine and was such a beautiful woman to work with.

(Kathmandu, Nepal. 2015)

I met some high school students on the streets of Kathmandu, a day before actual Holi day, throwing those color powders. They said they don’t go to school on Holi day so they wanted to do it with their school mates before they go home.

(Abyaneh, Iran. 2016)

Women of Abyaneh are known to have traditional dresses that are unique to them. Surely enough, I could met old ladies wearing it and I loved it.

(Varanasi, India. 2015)

It was interesting to see people bathe in Ganges River, but what interested me more was how they went about drying their clothes and towers. They were Bollywood dance moves on the streets.

(St. Petersburg, Russia. 2016)

Russian women were very well dressed, and they shined at night. The streets of St. Petersburg were the runways for them.

(New York, U.S.A. 2011)

My friend and a former VJ at MTV, Carly is one of the most beautiful women I’ve photographed. This was our first shoot together and this image is still my one of favorites. I love how she laughs.

L8691593 (1)
(Vinalres, Cuba. 2011) 

Little woman, but a woman nonetheless. This young lady was three years old when I took her picture. She was a daughter of the owner of the B&B I stayed in Vinarles. She must be pretty big by now. One day I hope to send this picture to her for a gift.

L8699444 (1)
(Melbourne, Australia. 2012)

This woman grabbed my attention when she casually dropped on her knees, to write down the day’s menu in front of the cafe she was working at. That, and her colorful dress seemed to make a perfect moment, and I had to freeze it in time.

(Bali, Indonesia. 2012)

I was mesmerized by Bali women’s ability to carry those stuffs on their head without ever dropping them. It was a work of art and seeing them walk by was a privilege.


..So there you have it. Women all around the world are beautiful, and they do magnificent things every day. I learn from them every day. From my mother to my girlfriend to strangers on the streets of the earth. I salute them. Happy IWD!


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  1. Wonderfully done. An excellent salute to International Women’s Day.


    1. K. CHAE says:

      Thanks for the kind words, sir! =)


      1. You’re welcome


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