Portugal in Film, 2010

It’s been 7 years since I’ve visited Portugal. And yet today, I yearn and hope one day I make my way back there. After all these years the country still stands to be one of my favorite countries in all of Europe, and Lisbon is certainly in the top 3 cities of I’ve ever visited. (You know, I’ve photographed more than 100 cities.)

It was in Portugal I first discovered myself as a street photographer. Cuba made me the street photographer that I am today, but Portugal was where I’ve learned my first lessons, and its streets were the teachers who’ve opened my eyes. Portugal taught me to be more than just a travel photographer, something that I was trying not to become. And for that alone, this country will always holds a special place in my heart.

Carrying a Leica M6 and a bunch of Kodak films in my bag, I’ve walked the streets of Portugal. Here are some of the photographs I’ve made during that visit, 7 years ago.


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I loved all the colors Portugal showed in their cities. I loved its people, always kind and charming. I loved their music, Fado, which actually has a bit of similarities with Korean traditional music. Everything about Portugal was more than I’ve ever anticipated. A lot of travelers, especially the so-called world travelers, seem to devote more time in Spain, and just kind of pass by Portugal in a few days. I think it’s such a shame. I love Spain too, but to me Portugal is more genuine, lovable nation of the two. If you’re a candid photographer like myself it’s certainly a place to linger. I haven’t been to Europe as much in the recent years but when I do one day, this is one of the first place I’d want to return. Thank you for everything, Portugal. Obrigado!


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