Good bye, M! : 2 years with Leica M typ 240


Leica M240 was supposedly a beginning of a new era for the brand. The first M to use CMOS sensor, the first one to support video, live view, and a bunch of ‘modern day’ features Leica M did not have. Some liked it, but others didn’t like it so much. Traditionalists like myself, didn’t see the merit in those features. But while I didn’t care for those new features, M240 was still an advanced camera compared to M9, and for that I had to upgrade.

Since then, I’ve traveled the world with it. It’s been my go-to camera for the past two years and half. However, I bid my farewell to it, and we parted away last week. The reason was obvious. I needed the money to buy the new Leica M10.

While I felt I needed the upgrade to M10 for my upcoming journey in South America, M240 served me more than enough, and I still think it is a great camera. It was my best friend. I like to think of my cameras as a living creatures. I consider my cameras my companions. So it’s always tough when I have to let them go. I wish I will be making enough money one day that I won’t have to sell my old cameras any more. But what can I do.

Here, I’d like to pay some homage by sharing some of my favorite photographs I’ve taken with it. Looking back the times we’ve shared together :


L1002831L1000144L1005776L1006379L1001477L1001051L1004244L1001566L1002102L1006153L1014421L1009805L1008997L1008372L1006518L1005517L1007839 2L1004735L1003081L1008792L8742401L1006505L1009972L1007685L1004179L1007948L1005770L1008629L1010448L1190189L1004604L1000106L1008746L1006165L1009777L1005931L1003233


Since the beginning of 2015, we’ve traveled 17 countries together. Now M10 will accompany me to new adventures onward. Regardless, thank you M240 for the marvelous work you’ve done for me. I never used your video feature and live mode, but what kind of a friend does not have a flaw? Some will find it to be a charm, I’m sure. I hope you perform as great as you’ve done for me under a new owner. Travel around and have a lot of fun. A photographer is the happiest when he’s taking pictures. I’m sure a camera is the happiest when it’s taking pictures too. In that sense I’ve made you happy everyday while you were with me. And you made me feel the same. Good bye, M240. You’ve done very well.


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  1. ailukewitsch says:

    Beautiful images! Please do an update about the m10 and if you feel is really worth the upgrade to the m10. I have a m240, upgrading to the m10 will be quite an expense that I don’t want to have now, but the improved high ISO and better dynamic range will be an important improvement to me.



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