Easter Island

I apologize for the lack of posts in recent months. As I previously reported I’ve been getting ready for my big photographic journey into South America and, I have already began. After leaving South Korea on 8th of May, I flew to Chile, and then onto my very first destination, Easter Island.

Rapa Nui, as the locals call it, is the home to those mysterious Moai statues and as a photographer it’s been something I’ve always wanted to photograph. Well I finally got my chance and I stayed on the island for five nights, trying all my best to capture not only Moais, but also the great landscape this little enchanting island unveiled before my eyes to see. Here are some of my favorites.




I thought the island would be quiet, since it was May. May is considered a low season for the island. But to my surprise, the plane to the island was bigger than the planes I took from Korea to Chile. It was packed with tourists, and the little town Hanga Roa was booming. I guess I underestimated its world class popularity.

But once you get out of the town things got quiet. There were still a plenty of places and areas where you could enjoy solitary and some lone times with Moais. Moai weren’t the only thing beautiful about the island however, as I quickly found out the landscapes were stunning everywhere I looked, especially Rano Kau, the extinct volcano near Hanga Roa. There were some stunning views to be had in many parts of the island.

I’m not a landscape photographer, per se, but nonetheless I’ve enjoyed the time, and embraced the challenge of taking unique pictures of Moais. You know it’s always more challenging when you are tasked with photographing something that’s already photographed millions of times. But I like tackling it. I think I did a quiet good job. Not the best job I’ve done, I’ll be honest. Weather wasn’t as ideal as I’ve hoped. I’m not easily satisfied when it comes to my work, but I think I can live with what I’ve done at the island this time around.

On 6th day I’ve bid my farewell and headed back to the mainland. 1 hour and half drive from Santiago and here I am, in Valparaiso. I will return with some images once my 5 days stay here is done. Until then, Hasta la vista, baby!


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