Valparaiso with Leica M10

Valparaiso is a small and calm, but a unique port city.

Once A very important port for South America continent, it’s met with decline once Panama Canal opened up. But the city breathed art for a long time, and the city of 44 hills have become the culture capital of Chile.

It was my 2nd destination in the journey to South America. To be honest I didn’t expect too much. To my surprises, Valparaiso turned out to be a street photographer’s paradise. I could walk everywhere. And everywhere I walked, I found a moment. The people, the colorful houses, artful paintings.. it was all recipes for a great pictures. Thus I walked everyday from morning to sunset, more than 20km per day, with Leica M10 in my hands. And here are some of my favorites.



I stayed in the city for five days, and it was nearing winter, so things were a bit quieter. I wonder how things are during summer time. But being in an off-season also helped me in a way. All in all, I’ve grown to like this city a lot. I’d love to return one day. M10 seemed to like the city too! What do you think?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. arv! says:

    Certainly a great city for photography


  2. jacksonbart says:

    Nice collection of photos, love the colors of Valparaiso.


    1. K. CHAE says:

      Thanks Jackson! Sorry for the late response. I’ve only recently came back from South America! =)


  3. jacksonbart says:

    Sounds like fun! I’ve been stuck in a cubicle since August.


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