Mendoza, Argentina – with Leica M10

As I continue my photographic adventure into South America, I’ve reached Argentina. My first taste of this famed country was- Mendoza. Known for its great wine, Mendoza was definitely a lot different than Valparaiso, the city I left to reach this. Nonetheless It provided me with a new challenge, and along with Leica M10 I ventured out to its streets everyday, trying to capture extraordinary out of ordinary.



When I arrived in Mendoza, it was late May. Winter was coming to this southern hemisphere, so you could say it was a low season. However I was able to capture the autumn of this beautiful city just before the leaves all fell off. I hear the city’s at its peak during spring time. Hopefully one day I can return here one spring. But for now I have to continue my way northward. Next up, Jujuy..!


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  1. phppi says:

    Very nice adventure and beautiful photographs. The M10 must be a dream to use


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